Tefal Total Protect X-Pert Control GV8980

Total Protect X-Pert Control GV8980 Extremely fast and efficient ironing in just one touch
  • Exclusive 5 settings technology : maximum precision to get the optimum combination of temperature and steam for each fabric.

High pressure steam generator GV8980

Pro Express Xpert is an high pressure steam generator, with the exclusive 5 settings technology invented by Tefal. 
  • Syhthetics, Silk, Wool, Cotton, Linen : 5 settings to get in just one touch the optimum & precise combination of temperature and steam for each of your fabric. 
  • Extremely efficient, you will get rid of unwanted creases with the ultra-high level concentrated steam boost and the ultra thin droplets spray-vaporiser.







  • New anti-calc collector: keeps scale trapped even while moving the station! Collects even ultra thin particles

  • 6.5-bar steam pressure for efficient steam penetration into the fabric.Up to 380 g/mn steam output, ideal for ironing heavy fabrics

  • The ideal temperature and steam combination for each fabric

  • Micro-droplet aqua-boost vaporizer: a pressurised (3 bar) micro-droplet water spray to remove unwanted creases.

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