Tefal Express

Express Long lasting steam performances
  • Clever steam generator that features an exclusive anti-calc collector for long-lasting performances.

Express, fast ironing at your fingertips!

With Express, discover a steam generator that will last you for a very long time. It comes with an exclusive anti-calc collector to provide long-lasting steam performance. Iron well and iron fast!

The benefits of steam:
  • High steam pressure: up to 5 bars for efficient steam penetration into the fabric.
  • Steam output: shoots up to 120g/min.
  • Power zone: max 200g/min, ideal for heavy fabrics.
  • 1.7L water tank for long ironing sessions.

Packed with smart features:

    • Easy to remove.
    • Efficient anti-calc system, for long-lasting steam performance.
  • Convenient ironing:
    • Refill the water tank at any time, for unlimited ironing sessions.
    • Keep the cord out of the way thanks to the Integra system.
  • Lock system for safe transportation.
  • Power Zone function

  • Extra-large water tank: unlimited refill

  • Lock System: easy and safe transportation

  • Anti-calc collector

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