EVOLIS Luxury bathroom scales for all the family!
  • Personalised memory bases for 4 different users, with automatic user recognition.
  • The 3 colour zones provide a quick, visual assessment of your progress.

Evolis, the intelligent bathroom scales that recognise you instantly!

If you're looking for a set of bathroom scales that combine ease of use with quality, then look no further! With the Evolis, you can register up to 4 different user profiles -- the scales recognise each of you as soon as you step on, and display your personal progress since the last time!
And thanks to the Visio Control Concept colour display, you'll see instantly whether you've lost, gained, or maintained your weight. Featuring an XL platform and large LCD display for maximum visibility, Evolis looks set to be a winner with the whole family!
    • Visio Control Concept show your progress in colour:  
           - Green= Weight loss
           - Orange = Weight stable
           - Pink: Weight gain
    • 4 intelligent personalised memories with automatic recognition
    • 100% electronic for total reliability
    • Automatic on/off
    • LCD display (28 mm digits)
    • Require 2 LR03 batteries (not supplied)
    • Resistant white plastic



    4 memories


    Visio Control (green)


    Visio Control (orange)


    Visio Control (pink)

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