TEFAL BodySignal Glass

BodySignal Glass Your faithful friend for weight and fat-mass measurement
  • Bathroom scales that analyse your body composition.
  • Integrated Body Signal Glass technology determines your personal min/max fat-mass limits.
  • With Visio Control Concept colour display, to help you track your progress

Body Signal Control - helping you to understand and manage your body and progress!

These revolutionary bathroom scales compute your personal healthy fat-mass range, according to your age, gender and height. They feature the Visio Control Concept - an accurate, colour-coded system that helps you keep track of your progress. The Body SIgnal Control scales automatically recognise up to 4 different users, making these scales ideal for all the family!  
  • Featuring Concept Visio Control, with a different colour for each possibility:
    - Green: Weight loss - well done!
     - Orange: Weight stable
     - Pink: Weight gain - watch out!
  • Determine your personal min/max fat-mass limits and track your progress.
  • Automatic recognition of up to 4 different users.
  • Large LCD display for ease of use (28mm digits).
  • Glass platform and automatic on/off.
  • Require 4 LRO3 batteries (not supplied).


  • 2100081380-B1.png

    Weight and fat indication (kg)

  • 2100081380-B2.png

    Body composition evolution (green)

  • 2100081380-B3.png

    Body composition evolution (pink)

  • 2100081380-B4.png

    USEFUL: a graph compares my body fat to my own personal limits

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